To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise.

Adult Classes

12 years & up...
Adult classes focus on a variety of aspects of the martial arts from basic karate skills, flexibility, muscular and cardio-vascular development to study of kata (forms), self-defense, sparring and weaponry.

Junior Classes

Ages 7 - 12
The younger levels of junior students study the Universal System. The Universal System has been specially designed by educators and child psychologists to introduce Shorin-Ryu Karate to younger students. Universal Juniors learn the same basic karate techniques including kata, self-defense and sparring in a fun way kids really enjoy. Classes also build coordination, discipline and self-confidence!

Future Student Program

The FSP is an easy and economical way for Juniors and Adults to get started in Karate. You will receive 2 private lessons, a uniform and a class to try. This will give you the opportunity to learn basic movements and more about what Karate can do for you under the personal attention of the highly trained, owner and Chief instructor Kyoshi Terry Gravelin.

Little Dragons Program

The Little Dragons Program introduces Karate to children ages 5 and 6 years old. The Little Dragons Program runs throughout the year and classes meet 2 times per week Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00 PM. Classes introduce stretching, blocks, kicks, punches, basic forms, and other skills with an emphasis on healthy fun!

Specialty Programs

We also offer 8 week courses in Woman”s Self-Defense, Understanding and working with the Sword, Security Training, Ground Fighting and Jujitsu, Kali-Single and Double Stick Training as well as individual courses in all the different Okinawan Weapons. Our knowledge is quite extensive, Please let us know what you might like to learn as these individual courses are always changing.

Weaponry Program

Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan is the only Karate System in the world that has a full comprehensive weaponry system as an important part of the system as a whole. RyuKyu Kobudo Weaponry has it’s own separate ranking system and students can get their Black Belt certification directly from Okinawa.

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